Virtual Reality Products

The future is here. Immerse yourself in the vivid world of VR.

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Virtual Reality Products

With the age of changing technology, things we never thought possible are coming to life. Virtual reality products bring games and video to life, enabling us to feel like we are actually inside the content, giving us a firsthand look at different types of media. Fun and exciting, virtual reality works in conjunction with a variety of accessories, such as VR headsets, to ensure the most realistic virtual experience available.

Smartphone Headsets

Smartphone VR headsets make your smartphone the centre of the virtual world. Slip your smartphone into a VR headset and enjoy a genuine VR experience. These headsets work with several phone types, including Apple and Samsung devices, and you can also purchase universal headsets. There are even headsets crafted from cardboard. One of the most popular models is the Samsung Gear VR, which is comfortable to wear for extended periods and lets you do everything from hang out with friends virtually to play with compatible games and apps.

Console Headsets

Some headsets work with your console or PC to create a virtual reality experience. For instance, the Playstation 4 VR is a fun way to interact with your favourite games and characters. Compatible with specific VR games, the PS4 system uses a variety of sensors to let you interact within virtual worlds. The Oculus Rift works with your computer to provide an immersive VR experience that rivals others. The tech is so beloved, that many PC manufacturers are launching computers that are Oculus-ready for gamers who enjoy this type of tech.


Used alongside headsets, controllers let you optimise your experience, providing a more custom VR interaction with media. Controllers and motion sensors help you not only walk through virtual worlds as you desire, but you can use them to control gameplay in some situations. Perform acts as simple as turning up the volume via the controller. The Oculus VR uses a different type of remote control; the brand's Touch controllers slip over your hands to create a more natural experience as you navigate virtual gameplay.


Complete your VR experience by adding accessories to your headset. If your headset doesn't come with a remote control, purchase one separately that is compatible with your system. Use a screen protector to ensure your headset stays scratch-free, and pick up a protective face mask that others can wear when they use your headset to keep it clean. Add foam inserts to your headset if you require more cushioning, and choose a storage case to keep your VR equipment in when you're not using it.