Vivienne Westwood

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A Vivienne Westwood Bag for Every Season

A Vivienne Westwood bag allows you to own the sought-after label on a reasonable budget. Annual collections are relatively small, but shopping on eBay allows you to source secondhand designs from important eras. The typical Vivienne Westwood purse is subtle and timeless, making it the perfect addition to a bold, eccentric wardrobe.

Which handbag styles can you expect from Westwood?

Westwood's handbag ranges are surprisingly understated, but each year, you'll find a few bold items to suit rebellious preferences.

  • The Vivienne Westwood Matilda bag range is ideal for the office. It's usually designed in smooth leather to suit a classic aesthetic, but minor details vary from style to style.
  • The Vivienne Westwood envelope clutch is a favourite look, so you'll find several different styles in smooth and ostrich leather.
  • Saddle bags are an important part of the collection, for their subtlety.
  • Westwood includes shoppers in a range of bright patterns.
  • When you need a basic carrier, a Derby top purse or crossbody bag will serve you well.
  • Derby bags divert from Westwood's subtle designs, including textures and colours that will make them the focal point of your outfit.
Which materials should you consider?

Full-grain leather is timeless and durable, developing a charming patina in time. The way the material is tanned affects its look and longevity. If you prefer a soft look, vegetable tanned products are easier to break in and will last longer than those that are chrome-tanned. A Westwood bag is a work of art, and it's made with care and precision. The stitching is durable and is generally reinforced by carefully-designed metal fixtures. If you want to divert from traditional hues, the Westwood collection often features printed and chrome leather. Westwood has also launched an affordable handbag collection for those shopping on a budget, including a classic squiggle print with pirate buckles. Cloth totes are another economical, but practical, option.

Which Westwood bags are the best investments?

The Derby bag is one of Westwood's most iconic, but her eccentric statement bags hold their value just as well. The ready-to-wear collection is always easier to come by, so an haute couture purse will offer a higher return on investment. Designs that typify the brand are just as likely to hold their value, so look for punk rock elements and the classic Westwood check. Designs from the Mini-Crini, Red Label, and Aglomania collections are among her most iconic. Look for important details, such as her signature orb and tartan prints.