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Vivienne Westwood Women's Shoes

Containing everything from vintage boots to quirky sandals and just about everything in between, the selection of Vivienne Westwood women's shoes is broad. Whether you have a specific event or occasion in mind that you're searching for or are just looking for a new addition to your wardrobe, you're sure to find what you're after.

Many of the original styles of women's shoes by Vivienne Westwood featured statement heels and chunky designs, inspired by the 1970s punk trend. Whilst you can still find these today, the collection has expanded enormously and now includes footwear from trainers right through to clogs.

Styles of Vivienne Westwood women's shoes

There are so many shoes in the Vivienne Westwood range that it can be hard to decide which are the perfect pair for you, but at least you can be confident you'll find your ideal match. From flats and ballet pumps to sharp stilettos and chunky boots , there are styles for everyone, for every occasion.

The selection of Vivienne Westwood flat shoes includes casual summer sliders with eye catching embellishment and strappy sandals which feature bright colours and bold designs. Perfect for the summer months, three strap sandals are always a popular choice. In this range you can also find gladiator style sandals that extend up the leg to make a real statement, together with stylish slingbacks and easy to wear flat pumps.

The collection of Vivienne Westwood heels is beyond compare and loved by fashionable women worldwide. When it comes to finding a new pair of high heels, there are some fantastic and unusual styles like the patterned clogs and chunky platformed shoes. If you're looking for something more conventional, but featuring a unique twist, patent Animal Toe shoes with their distinctive three straps and colourful court shoes could be a good choice.