Minimalist. Water-resistant. Puncture resistant. Zero pitch.

A product created with no compromise. If you want a product designed with modern technology, but based on ancient wisdom, VivoBarefoot Shoes are the answer. This London company has designed a shoe for women featuring a sole to suit every terrain.

If you have ever wished you could simply go barefoot, then you can live your best life in these shoes. It’s all about buying shoes that allow your brain to reconnect with your feet. Fashionably.

The Story

It started in 1999 with a string of tennis injuries. Tim Brennan realised conventional trainers were the cause of his injury problems. His friend Galahad Clark, a shoe maker, with his idea of a barefoot shoe. In 2004, they saw their research and development produce the first shoe. The focus of the design was body awareness, with wearers in touch with their movement and balance. The brand has gone from strength to strength from there, with scientific research backing the importance of barefoot living.

A Sustainable Promise

While there are synthetic material shoes, you can also shop the leather options. VivoBarefoot gets the majority of their leathers from Ethiopia. More specifically, from communities and families where the cattle roam free. If you’re familiar with the term wild hide, this is what it signifies.

It’s all about finding durable materials to create quality shoes, but sustainability is equally important. No matter your style, you are sure to find the perfect pair of shoes for your fashion needs, whatever they may be.

Barefoot Living

There are no gimmicks here, it’s all about allowing your body to live, walk, jog, and run as it was designed to do – barefoot and free. Of course, with VivoBarefoot you can enjoy the benefit of shoes to protect your feet from damage. It’s the best of both worlds and you can browse the range on eBay today.