Volkl is a German manufacturer of superior outdoor sports gear. They specialise in skis, however in recent years they have branched out to snowboards, tennis racquets and outerwear. Their vast selection of skis are created with every skier in mind, from racing, touring, alpine and free riding.


Volkl skis are created with the user in mind. The innovative Racetiger racing ski range is made with extra-hardwood and their top of the range binding system, allowing for high speed performances anywhere on the mountain. The Code series is made for piste skiing that provide an impressive combination of speed, versatility and power transmission which are perfect for advanced to expert skiers.


Volkl snowboards are created with high-tech materials and designed to improve your snowboarding experience all over the mountain. Volkl ceased production of their snowboards in 2017, so now may be the perfect time grab a bargain on a board that could be considered an antique in the future. One of the most popular snowboards is the Squad Rocker. This board is built with an ultra light top sheet, layered with partial-grip lacquer, a slim tip construction and importantly, a horror shock-absorber.

Tennis Racquets

Volkl tennis racquets were made famous by players such as Boris Becker, Sergi Bruguera, Petr Korda and Jana Novotna. Each racquet features top-of-the-range tennis elbow prevention in the handle, meaning less time out injured and more time on the court. The V Sensor handle system is built to eliminate vibrations which improve your game. These are the perfect racquets for any player, from novice to professional.