Volkswagen Car and Truck Seat Covers

Meant to protect your seats from dirt, damage and spills, Volkswagen car and truck seat covers fit over your seats securely and resist stains. Some covers add comfort and a luxurious look to your vehicle, while others offer more functionality. Car and truck seat covers come to fit every model as well as other car components. Pick the right covers for you based on your car type as well as material choice and budget considerations.


A popular material for car seat covers is neoprene. Neoprene is water-resistant, making it perfect for families with children. If you're not sure what neoprene feels like, it's the same material companies use to create wetsuits, so it's very resistant to liquids as well as comfortable to sit on. Another option to consider is fabric car covers. Fabric is washable so it resists stains and many options are fire retardant. For a cover that won't fade in the sun, choose UV-resistant fabric for longevity. Another type of car cover is the sheepskin car cover. Crafted from soft, fluffy fabric, sheepskin covers feel luxurious and keep you cushioned and comfortable while you drive.


Not only do car seat covers protect your factory seats from stains, tears or sun damage, but covers also protect your car's headrests, too. You can buy covers that offer pockets for storage in the front or back of the cover or purchase covers that feature tie closures to ensure a perfect custom fit. Buy a cover for your backseat that comes with a pet leash so your dog can safely ride in the back. Purchase padded covers for extra back support. Also invest in a cover cleaning kit so you can maintain your seat covers for years to come.

Colours and Designs

You can always go the traditional route with Volkswagen black seat covers, or you can change things up with a variety of colours and designs. Camouflage covers come in different colours and styles and create a rugged look in your car, or you can liven up your ride with bright blue, red or even pink covers. A black cover with a contrasting design, such as a two-tone style that incorporates another colour makes a striking statement. Styles are endless and include everything from animal prints to floral patterns, making it easy to personalise your Volkswagen vehicle.

Other Covers

Your seats aren't the only things you can cover up. Buy matching covers for your car's headrests as well as your middle console for a polished look and added protection. Make sure you buy covers that match your car's exact model, such as a Bug or a Cabrio, to ensure the proper fit. You can also purchase seat belt pads that match the covers and make your seatbelt feel a bit softer against your body, as well as matching steering wheel covers to alleviate a hot steering wheel and create a matching look.