Test Equipment Voltmeters and Voltage Detectors

Check for leakage paths and insulation breakdowns in your homes electrical circuits with a range of high-quality voltage detectors and multimeters. Whether you want analogue test equipment multimeters with indicator pointers or digital voltmeters and voltage detectors, you can select a model that meets your requirements.

Voltage Pen Detectors

If you want a compact option, then voltage pen detectors are a great solution. They are about the size of a marking pen, with some displaying red and green indicators. Green indicates that the voltage is safe and red flashes as you get closer to the voltage source. Others come with in-built screwdrivers and have the voltage displayed on a digital screen. They are perfect for detecting live mains in outlets, power boards, or insulated wiring, with the added benefit of LED torches and handy pocket clips.


Multimeters combine a voltmeter and an ammeter for both AC and DC volts and amps with a number of other additional functions, such as resistance and capacitance. While they are available in early analogue models, most are now digital and referred to in the industry as DMM. You can switch range to cover 200 mV full scale to 2,000 volts full scale, with some making the switch for you automatically.


You can find voltage detectors in a whole range of different styles, including those permanently mounted in a panel to monitor generators or other fixed devices. Alternatively, look for portable voltmeters to measure the electrical potential difference between two points. Pressure, temperature, flow, or level can also be measured by some devices if the measurement can be converted to a voltage.

Analogue vs. Digital Voltmeters

Analogue voltmeters generally have an accuracy of a few percent of full scale, while digital meters can be made with an accuracy of less than 1 per cent. Some specially calibrated test equipment comes with higher accuracy levels, particularly those used in laboratory settings.