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Looking for a way to cool your home or office down without the hefty price tag? It sounds like eBay has an answer for you. With an extensive collection of Vornado fans, you can stay cool in the hot Aussie months. While the electric fan became more quiet and efficient since its invention in the 1880s, it wasn't until the early 1920s when major developments in fan design occurred. Ralph K. Odor worked hard during this time and in the 1930s he patented the Power Vortex design that was influenced by modern aviation. The Vornado plane was born, with its name stemming from its aerodynamic story. When Ralph met O.A. Sutton, the owner of a fabrication shop that focused on aircraft equipment, and designer Richard Ten Eyck in the 1940s, the first Vornado fans were brought onto the market. Fast forward today and Vornado has been hugely successful. Powerful engines, energy-efficient circulators and modern design - that's a Vornado fan that could be yours today while shopping on eBay. 

eBay houses a spectacular range of Vornado portable fans that come in black editions, white editions and beige editions. You can also spend your time exploring the Vornado electric portable fans available. Whether it's for the office, bedroom, lounge room or main space, you can find a perfect Vornado fan for you. 

Not sure how to find the right Vornado solution? No problems. You can shop according to type (floor fan, air cooler), model, number of settings, volume, colour, power source, voltage, condition, price, item location, delivery options and special features (quiet, energy saving, remote control, 360-degree rotation). On eBay, you can also find a vast array of home air filters, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, home exhaust fans and ventilators, humidifiers, home indoor air quality parts and accessories that might tickle your fancy. 

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