Vostok Watch Makers are a Russian brand based in Chistopol in Tatarstan, Russia. The name Vostok means ‘East’. Vostok creates mainly hard-wearing military and Amfibia mechanical watches. The brand also produces clocks and watch movements for other brands of watches. The designs are tailored towards the European market.

Affordable Watches

Thanks to their high quality and affordable products, Vostok has created a bit of a cult-like following online. They don’t need to spend a lot on marketing, and this enables them to keep their prices down. These are seriously high-quality watches that provide value for money.

Established Company

Vostok Watches was founded in 1942. During the war years, only defence equipment was produced, but soon after the war finished the company began making mechanical wrist watches. The Vostok brand name was not used until the 1960s. In 1965 the company was made an official provider of watches for the Soviet Union’s Ministry of Defence.

Vintage as well as modern Vostok watches can be purchased on eBay.

Diving Watches

This Russian brand is popular for its diving watches. They can perform under 200 metres underwater.

Popular Brand

Vostok are popular because of their rich history, and because of the fact that their watches are seen as remnants from the past. You can wear a timepiece that were designed and produced decades ago and still works well and serves its original function.

Their slogan Going to Extremes has led to the brand producing many popular and aesthetic sports watches. They have sponsored sports people involved in unconventional sports including winter rally drivers, aerobatics pilots, strongmen, and MMA fighters.

Modern Vostok Watches

Modern releases of Vostok watches are highly popular. The Vostok Amphibia is available in vintage and modern versions and is highly sought after in both. This watch has a stainless steel case, rotating diver’s bezel and domed crystal. There are many different varieties of watch dial.

There are Vostok watch bands, straps, movements and parts for sale on eBay too. Revamp your Vostok watch here.

Vostok is synonymous with mechanical Russian watches. If you are a lover of mechanical watches, hardy diving watches, or military collectibles, you are going to love Vostok.