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Glamping or camping?

Are you a lover of the outdoors? Then camping is probably on your agenda. The Waeco fridge freezer will give you the ultimate camping experience. You could even call it glamping. The camping fridge freezer will allow you to keep food, drinks and condiments at the right temperature. The freshness will feel like home.

Don't stop with the camping fridge freezer. Camping ovens and camping stoves can also add to the glamping experience.

Storage space of a camping fridge freezer

You might be wondering how much storage the Waeco fridge freezer can offer. It's up to you. Remember it is a portable fridge freezer so don't expect it to replicate your refrigerator at home! But in all fairness, the Waeco fridge can provide enough storage for an amazing camping experience.

You can choose from a range of sizes and designs. On eBay, you can find upright Waeco fridge freezers with stylish interior designs and lighting. The other most common design is an esky style with two compartments to separate the fridge and freezer. You can stock up with all the food and drinks you want. There is nothing like an ice cold beverage or some fresh fruit after a day in the outdoors. Even if you are going for a day trip, the Waeco fridge freezer will change your experience for the better. You can choose a size that fits easily in your car, caravan or boat. The fridge has enough handles to make transportation easy.

Energy requirements

To experience this glamping option of the Waeco fridge freezer, you will need to source power. Normally the fridge will either run off 12 or 24 volts on a camping trip or 240 volts if connecting from a caravan.

Check out the camping fridge freezers on eBay today and redefine your camping experience.