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WAECO Refrigerators

Waeco Refrigerators

Long known as a company that specialises in portable cooling units and small-capacity refrigerators, Waeco has recently revamped itself as Dometic. Keeping the Waeco name on its product line, the company still produces small-capacity and portable refrigeration units and accessories. Whether you need cool, fresh food for a camping trip or a mini fridge for your bar, Waeco has many different options to meet your cooling needs.

Small Capacity

While many companies offer upright units that include both refrigerators and freezers, Waeco refrigerators are refrigerator only. These small capacity fridges are larger than a mini fridge, and are great ideas for dorm rooms, studio apartments, RVs and anywhere you need to stock more food than a mini fridge can hold, but simply dont have a lot of extra space. With a sleek design, these refrigerators are both space saving and economical.

Mini Fridges

Waeco also have a large line of mini refrigerators, and these are the perfect choice for small dorm rooms, small spaces, hotel rooms or built-in home bars. These do include a small freezer unit for ice and small items, but have enough capacity to hold several bottles of beer or bottles of wine, as well as drink accessories, such as lemon and lime.

Portable Types

There are several different portable types of refrigerators as well. These little fridge/freezers look almost exactly like a regular cooler, but are in fact a portable refrigeration unit. Take these units with you on a boat, on a camping trip, to the beach or anywhere you need food to stay frozen or cold for a long period of time. With several different sizes and accessories available, portable refrigeration is now easy to attain. Larger units will need a power source to charge, while smaller units need no power source and are perfect for day trips.

Waeco Parts

As Waeco has been a company in business for a long time, there are many replacement parts available for Waeco refrigerators before the name change and after. Even if you still have an older model, parts are still available. Look for needed parts and accessories, such as thermistors, PCB units, temperature controls and power supplies.