Wagner Products

Wagner produces a range of products for the home handyperson. Their product range is centred around painting, and the lineup includes Wagner paintguns and sprayers, wallpaper strippers and decking applicators. Select from a wide range of Wagner products for all your painting needsu001au001athey will help to take the stress out of a large painting job whilst ensuring a consistent result.

Paint Spray Guns from Wagner

Wagner produces four different types of spray guns, and some models are better suited to jobs than others. If you are just after a general purpose sprayer to use on an occasional basis, the Flexio range will suit you. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and they are compatible with any paint. If you will be tackling a small to medium-sized jobs, then you should consider the Airless Sprayer from Wagner. They provide a large output of paint, helping to ensure a consistent coverage of your chosen surface area. They use a high pressure pump to deliver the spray. They are best suited to acrylic paints, but they will work with most others. If you are looking for maximum control and want to reduce overspray, then the Wagner Control Pro would be an exceptional choice. It uses the same system technology that professional painters rely upon, and it will also help to conserve paint. Finally, the Fine Sprayer range is designed for individuals that want a very fine, mist like spray. They use a low pressure system to achieve this, and they are best suited for painting window eaves, furniture, gutters and other small areas.

Warranty and Service

Wagner products are made to a high quality standard, but there are a few important things to consider before purchasing. You should always make sure that you are buying an Australian supplied Wagner product from an authorised seller. Wagner Australia will only provide warranty services for products manufactured for the Australian market. Wagner will only approve work to be carried out on 240V equipment, so make sure that the product you are buying is a genuine 240V product. It is good to know that Wagner has service centres located all around Australia, which provides you with peace of mind should you ever need to make a warranty or service claim.

Semi-Professional Vs Professional Products

Wagner product products in two categories. The semi professional range feature much of the same technologies as the professional range, but they are designed for the home handyperson and occasional jobs. The professional range is designed for regular use by tradespeople or painting enthusiasts, and they may feature some heavier duty components. Products from either range will provide you with an excellent result and great longevity.

Why Use a Spray Gun?

A spray gun makes your painting job much quicker. The traditional paintbrush method can lead to paint wastage and uneven coverage on the surface area. It is also much messier, as paint can drip down the walls. Spray guns are most recommended for larger jobs, as they will make the process much quicker and easier. Keep in mind there is some preparation and setup time involved with spray guns, so for smaller jobs you may prefer to use traditional Wagner brushes or paint rollers and sponges.