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WLtoys 1:18 RC Model Vehicles and Toys

When playing outdoors, radio control (RC) toys can provide lots of enjoyment. WLtoys manufactures a variety of RC model toys, including cars, planes and helicopters, with vehicles suitable for all ages.


Model toys come in a variety of different scales. WLtoys RC cars are typically in the 1:8 to 1:18 range. If a model toy is said to have a scale of 1:18, it means that if the toy was actually a full-size vehicle, it would be 18 times bigger than the model.

1:18 Range

WLtoys range of 1:18 RC model toys includes off-road cars and buggies, trucks and racing cars. The off-road models can handle all sorts of terrain, including sand and mud. They can even climb over rocks, making driving them challenging and lots of fun. There are both four and six wheel drive models available. The 1:18 scale is an ideal size for children to enjoy the fun of driving a RC model toy. There is also a range of WLtoys 1:10 RC toys to choose from. This scale offers similar types of vehicles to the 1:18 range but they are bigger, tougher, and designed for teenagers and adults.


Some of the RC model toys in the WLtoys 1:18 scale range can reach speeds up to 70 km/h. They generally use either lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium batteries in the vehicle and AA batteries in the controller. The vehicle battery takes about two to three hours to charge and enables the vehicle to be driven for up to 15 mins, though times vary between models. WLtoys RC model toys can be controlled at a distance of up to 100 m.

Other RC Model Toys

The WLtoys RC model vehicles and toys range also includes a varierty of helicopters (including some that shoot missiles), planes and quadcopter drones. In addition to the WLtoys range there are also many other RC model toys and vehicles to be found, as well as parts and kits.