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Waffle Makers

Waffle Makers

Waffles are a fun breakfast or brunch food which are diverse and can come in many styles. Everyone has his or her preference of how a waffle should be. Some people prefer their waffles crispy while others prefer them fluffy. Waffles can be served with sweet or savoury toppings. A popular item on many brunch menus choose to place both on top of one waffle by serving the waffles with bacon and maple syrup. You can make waffles at home and it is fairly simple. All you need is a waffle iron like the ones Breville offer and a batter recipe and you’re good to go.

How to Use a Waffle Maker

Waffle makers are fairly straightforward to use. Most of them are electric powered and have an in-built timer for making perfectly golden brown waffles every time. Some of them have a flipping mechanism so you can swivel the batter in around the mould to have even shaped waffles. To make sure the waffles come cleanly off the waffle iron, grease the waffle maker well with butter or non-stick spray before pouring batter onto it.

Waffle Maker Maintenance

Maintenance of a waffle maker is also fairly simple. If the waffle maker is non-stick by nature or well greased during the cooking process, the batter should not be stuck around the ridges of the waffle maker. If this is the case, the cleaning process is imply to wipe the batter off. Batter may fall out the sides of the waffle maker but the sides are smooth and the batter can be easily scraped or wiped off.

Waffle Maker Designs

There are many different types of waffles available to choose from. There is the classic round waffle iron with square indents as well as the square waffle iron with square indents also, often found in domestic kitchens. New trends have emerged, for example, egg waffles are becoming increasingly popular. Egg waffle irons are circular and have spherical indents to create the distinct round bubbles found on egg waffles. Other waffle irons are shaped into animals, much like the Japanese taiyaki waffles. These are very popular with younger children.