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Wahl Dog Supplies

Is your dog looking a little dishevelled, but youre busy to take them to the groomer?

Save time and money by getting your very own set of Wahl dog clippers and trim your dogs coat yourself. The options available are endless, cordless, batteries, carry cases, metal or plastic - EBay has the right clippers and accessories for your dog, big or small.


Wahl dog clippers are available with multiple attachments, including varied comb lengths to suit cut your dogs hair trimming it to a comfortable length and smaller trimmers, giving you the ability to remove problem areas such as matted, knotted hair or to gently trim around the face, ears and feet, leaving your pooch clean and tidy. To prevent shedding or to take some weight out of your dogs coat over summer drawing through awide toothed comb or clipper can greatly improve their comfort throughout the summer months, whilst helping protect your furniture and clothing as they lose their coat in preparation.

Coat maintenance

Washing and maintaining your dogs coat is just as important a task as walking them daily or checking them for fleas - in fact you can check them for any parasites whilst giving Rover a much needed haircut and bath. Having your own set of Wahl dog grooming clippers allows you to maintain their coat at any convenient time, allowing you the flexibility of brushing and clipping as you see fit, protecting their eyes and ears from grass seeds without subjecting them to discomfort of a long and drawn out search process or even preventing matted hair and knots before they form.

Competition Ready

Get your dogs coat looking competition ready, even having a set of professional Wahl dog grooming clippers backstage for a quick clip and touch up to ensure their coat is shiny, clean and perfectly groomed before they go before the judges to perform. Show dog clippers have additional settings and high quality precision accessories to ensure your pet looks the best they can on show day.

Many Wahl Dog clippers come with a warranty ensuring that you get a clean, even cut no matter the hair type and texture. Shop online at ebay now for Wahl dog clippers and other pet supplies today!