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The Australian summer is a perfect excuse to throw on your bathers and spend some time on the water. For those looking for more than just a swim, water sports like wakeboarding offer a fun summer challenge. Similar to water skiing, wakeboarding usually involves being towed along behind a boat. However, rather than skis, you’re standing on a board similar to those used in snowboarding.

Wakeboards Shape and Style

The vital piece of equipment for wakeboarding is the board itself. Beyond their intense visual appearance and patterns, most of the work goes into the design and shape of the wakeboard. Everything from the shape of the board’s hull to the placement of edge channels to the materials used in each part has an effect on the strengths of a wakeboard and its suitability for different types of rider. Kneeboards provide another alternative and are said to be a great entry into the world of tow-sports.

Wakeboard Racks

When they’re not being used out on the water, you’re going to need somewhere to safely secure your wakeboard. Whether you’re waiting for your turn or heading in for the day, wakeboard racks let you mount your wakeboards on your boat safely and securely. They often feature bumpers so that neither the board nor boat is damaged as you store the wakeboard away.

Wakeboard Towers

Wakeboard towers on the other hand provide you with a higher fastening point for the wakeboards rope, meaning the wakeboarder can get more height in the air while performing tricks. Certain models come with a swivelling tow point, freeing up the sideways movement of the wakeboarder. Wakeboard towers are built to suit most standard boat sizes and once secured can safely support tow ropes, not to mention other accessories like speakers.

Water Sports Safety Equipment

When you’re out on the water, safety should be a major priority especially with active water sports. Much of the boating and water sports equipment that concerns safety also applies for wakeboarding. This includes buoyancy equipment like padded flotation vests as well as protective helmets.