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Walk-Behind Sweepers

Perfect for industrial use, walk-behind sweepers cover a large surface area with a wide brush and oversized design. There are many types of industrial sweepers and scrubbers, and when it comes to cleaning a large area, these heavy-duty sweepers get the job done quickly and effortlessly. Put some power behind cleaning and toss small sweepers to the side. Let a walk-behind sweeper do the job for you instead.

Manual Labour

A step up from a regular broom, floor and carpet sweepers rely on push power to move them forward. Designed to clean big spaces, these wide-angled sweepers not only work on flooring, but get the job done in garages, driveways, and parking lots with ease. Rotating brushes pick up plenty of dirt and debris, and the noise-free design features an adjustable handle so you don't tire as quickly while you push the sweeper forward.


Up the ante and take some of the pressure off when you use battery walk-behind sweepers. These powerful sweepers clean carpets and floors without any hassle, and the adjustable sweepers make it easy to customise your workload. Some options plug in while some are cordless, or you can purchase a device that does both. User-friendly and easy to clean, battery sweepers fold for portability and come in a variety of sizes to complete any type of task. Added side brushes cover more ground while cleaning, and flexible joints make it easy to stow the sweeper.


For floors that require more than a simple sweep, invest in a combination sweeper and scrubber. Floor scrubbers have wet/dry capabilities, and offer the option to scrub the floor after you sweep it. Silent scrubbers even dry the floor for you. Lithium-ion batteries offer hours of cleaning power, and lightweight scrubbers are easy to move from room to room. Anyone can operate these simple to use scrubbers, and if you select a scrubber with an onboard charger, you won't lose any productivity time in order to charge up. Wet/dry applications make it easy to clean all types of flooring.

Along for the Ride

For tough tasks that a push sweeper just can't tackle, opt for a ride-on floor sweeper. These sophisticated sweepers are industrial-sized and high-performance. For a combination of sweeping, and drying, these convenient machines fit the bill. Clean a wider surface area than push sweepers with a ride-on option, and the quiet, compact design of ride-on scrubbers makes them efficient and silent to use.

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