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Walking Frames

Often, elderly people or those who have suffered an injury are often reluctant to use walking frames as assistive walking devices. However, walking frames (also known as walkers) can help most people achieve more independence by helping them walk longer distances. They provide the affected people with extra support and better balance level thus allowing them to get about their day more effortlessly. The right walking equipment should align with your environment and lifestyle.


The height of the waking frames determines how comfortable you will be when using the cane as well as the ease of use. A frame that is too high makes it hard to sufficiently straighten out the elbows in order to distribute your weight evenly on the frame. This negatively impacts your stability and makes walking uncomfortable. On the other hand, a frame that is too low will result to having a poor posture as it will encourage you to bend low. The right walking frame should have its hand grips at your wrist bone level to allow your elbows to bend only slightly. If you cannot get walking frames that match your height, consider getting walking frames with adjustable height settings.

Storage and Portability

If you travel a lot, a walking frame that takes up little storage space and that is easy to carry will be beneficial. In such cases, foldable walking frames or those that can be disassembled are the way to go. When choosing walkers and canes that can be disassembled, ensure that the assembling process is not complex or time consuming to the extent that it discourages you from using the equipment.


Walking frames with wheels are known as rollators. You should consider getting a rollators if all you need is more bilateral support rather than stability and balance. Rollators act as a middle ground between fixed walking frames and walking sticks. They can come with two, three or four wheels. Walking frames with four wheels are the most manoeuvrable but are too mobile for you to push or lean against. You will also often find them fitted with seats and shopping baskets that make your life more easier when you need to take a rest or do some shopping.

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