Dig out your CDs and go retro with an original CD Walkman

Upgraded from the original cassette-based Walkman, bring back the 1980s with the classic portable CD player created by Sony, the CD Walkman. It is Sony's innovative Walkman that brought about the idea of listening to music while having the freedom to do other activities at the same time, leading to MP3 players, Apple iPods and now the ability to store and listen to audio on mobile devices.

Carry around your own portable personal stereo with a Walkman and listen to your favourite CD on the go to help pass the time while commuting, or to provide atmosphere while on a walk to block out the sounds of the modern world. The design is specifically made to be portable, making it the perfect CD Player size to fit into a bag or suitcase.

Bypass signal issues with Wi-Fi or cellular data by listening to music on a Walkman. The Walkman does not require these connections to continuously enjoy your audio. Simply put batteries in, insert the disc into the CD player, and plug in head/earphones to listen to the audio and you're good to go.

The brand Groov-e provides users with a chance to step back in time with their retro portable CD player and comes in four colours. Its anti-skip feature, which is often present in a lot of CD Walkman devices now, prevents the CDs from stuttering and skipping forwards in the same manner that older models did. It also comes with matching earphones to give a more complete aesthetic.

Newer models of the Walkman have omitted the need for a CD entirely and have become thinner with every revision, becoming more like an MP3 player. With a flash memory and hard drive, users can load their MP3s directly onto the Walkman to carry around their MP3s more conveniently.