Everyday Design

Looking for an easy way to add decorative touches to a room? Wall stickers could hold the answer. Wall stickers – also known as decals or transfers – can add interesting decorative touches to a room, with minimal effort required. What is a wall sticker exactly? Wall stickers and transfers feature patterns or pictures that can be stuck or transferred onto a wall. Wall stickers tend to feature adhesive, making them easy to stick onto any surface. Decals and transfers, on the other hand, sometimes require heat or water to be transferred onto another surface upon contact.   Just as there is an almost endless number of ways to design a room, there is also almost an endless number of wall sticker designs. There are abstract designs that allow the viewer to see exactly what they want to see. There are animal designs, and designs that feature people. There are sports designs, and designs that feature love and hearts. There are Christmas designs – which are obviously removable – and there are designs that feature words and phrases. These may include a memorable quote or even song lyrics.

For the Kids

While wall stickers can provide interesting design touches to living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, they are perhaps most popular in kids’ rooms. These fun designs can really brighten up children’s bedrooms and playrooms, adding colour, character and whimsy. There are some beautiful designs for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, with options to personalise the room with the child’s name as well. As the child grows up, these stickers can be removed, the room can be redecorated, and the child can choose some new stickers, perhaps featuring favourite television characters, bands or sports teams.   With hundreds of thousands of wall stickers, transfers and decals, eBay is the go-to destination for everything home décor. Whether it’s for the bathroom or the bedroom, the dining room or the kitchen, home renovators can choose from a fantastic range of wall sticker options in a dazzling array of designs. Simply compare what’s on offer, buy online and enjoy super easy home delivery. Home design ideas will come to life in no time.