Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper Murals

Wall and ceiling art define your living space by letting you personalise a room based on your decorating interests. Wallpaper murals transform a room by creating a backdrop for furniture or provide an instantaneous panoramic seascape or ocean vista. You'll be able to choose a preferred theme such as space and planet scenes or life-size groupings of plants, trees and flowers. Likewise, you can personalise a mural by sending in a photo and have it reproduced to fit a specific wall.

Art Murals

There are endless examples of art wallpaper murals ranging from hip-hop designs to a reproduction of a world map. Glue may be required for installation but you can use vinyl murals that are are removable and do not require glue instead. Sizes range from 70 x 104 centimetres up to 290 x 500 centimetres with options to purchase custom sizes. Additionally, a mural such as a galaxy night sky scene or a 3D view of clouds looks good placed on a ceiling.

Sports Murals

Imagine having a full-wall sports wallpaper mural such as a huge basketball or soccer ball to wake up to. A  favourite red sports car framed in an appealing border is  always going to be impressive. Celebrate your love of sports by displaying a lighted football stadium or a rock climber scaling a canyon wall. As a reminder, you will apply these murals in sections. Most large and extra-large murals come in two sections while larger sizes may be printed in as many as four separate pieces.

Cartoons and Characters Murals

Add a winsome feeling to any room by using cartoons and characters wallpaper murals in a bedroom, hallway or other location. You can choose a scene from the popular Disney animation Frozen or Lightning McQueen from the Cars movies. To enhance your mural, add curtains on each side of the mural or draw the drapes for a change of scenery. Other popular character murals include Star Wars and Captain America themes.