Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Is your warehouse getting hard to manage? It might be time to make use of vertical space with industrial storage pallet racking.

Factories, warehouses and sheds are used for so many things, especially in a successful business where space is at a premium. Storing merchandise on regular shelving can become cluttered and disorganised very quickly, making getting to things you need when you need them all the more difficult.

Pallet racking allows you to stack merchandise on pallets along the entirety of your warehouse or factory walls, freeing up floor space and organising stock to be in arms reach when it is needed.

Stacking heavy pallets on what seems like flimsy pallet racking can be nerve wracking, however with pallet racking frames & beams available in high quality galvanised steel engineered to store pallets in a myriad of different ways you can feel safe knowing your stock is stacked effectively. You can buy new or used pallet racking for one or two pallets all the way up to storage for 40 pallets over three levels.

When considering what kind of pallet racking system is best for your facility, first assess the budget, space and type of storage that would be ideal for you, as well as how it will be accessed within your facility. Fork lifts are often used to move goods around easily and effectively, with a range of different tines and cages allowing access to items stored up high.

EBays' pallet racking systems come in various sizes with some raking systems extending up to 5.5 meters high by one metre deep, storing one layer of pallets, if that doesn't seem like enough, you can get pallet racking that will store pallets one in front of the other. Engineered locking safety connectors reinforce joins of pallet racking frames & beams ensuring the safety of your facility and employees.

When looking for pallet racking, be sure to note if systems meet the Australian Standard for steel racking storage.

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