Warehouse Storage Containers

Industrial Storage Containers

While homeowners enjoy considerable freedom when it comes to storage solutions, industrial operations have to follow strict guidelines. Industrial storage containers not only have to do a good job of storing your contents, they also have to meet all applicable laws while doing it.

Food Grade Storage

One of the most important considerations when it comes to industrial storage is whether you need food grade containers. For containers, food grade essentially means that the container itself is inert and will not transfer any potentially toxic compounds from the container to its contents. In most cases, food grade standards are based on direct contact, but some standards also include proximity.

Storage Racks

Warehouse storage racks are a great way to turn a warehouse from a massive empty space into an organised storage location. The basic idea behind pallet storage racks is that they let you easily store pallets both horizontally and vertically so that you gain the most use of your existing storage volume. You can arrange the stacks in single or double rows for access from one or both sides depending on your workflow needs. If pallet racks dont meet your needs, you can always check out other warehouse shelving storage options.

Modular Bins

Easily portable and stackable, modular plastic bins are an excellent option for industrial storage. Often made from UV stabilised plastic they are available in food grade so you can use them to store almost anything. These cases are difficult to dent, waterproof, and immune to the effects of rust and corrosion. All you have to do is fill them.


The key to making the most of your industrial storage solutions is always organisation. Organisation lets you know what you have, and what you havent. It also lets you know what solutions will best fit your needs. Once you have everything organised you know where things go even before you have them.