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Warwick Bass Guitars

Warwick Bass Guitars

Invented and released to the market in the 1930s, bass guitars are a mainstay in rock bands, as well as other music genres, such as pop, metal, punk, country and jazz. Warwick is a German company that specialises in the design and manufacture of bass guitars. Founded in Bavaria in 1982, the company incorporates centuries of craftsmanship and tradition into the manufacture of its instruments. Warwick ensures all of its products and associated materials are produced with carbon-neutral products for environmental sustainability and a minimum of negative impact.

Warwick Corvette Bass Guitars

One of the most popular styles of Warwicks bass guitars is the Corvette. Made with an ash body, it features bronze frets and an adjustable brass nut. Initial models were produced from 1992 onwards, and there are a number of limited edition and special runs, which are made from exotic woods outside of the standard line. The Corvette Standard is manufactured in Korea to German specifications, and is renowned for its raw and bright sound.

Warwick Signature Series Bass Guitars

Warwick produces over 20 different types of signature series guitars, each of which has a very specific and individual sound. Adam Clayton of U2 and John Entwhistle of The Who are just two of the many artists with their own signature guitars. These command a higher resale price than regular editions, and the player gets the experience of an instrument designed for a particular individual to create the bands sound. The musicians for whom the basses were created generally worked very closely with Warwick to ensure the guitar met and fulfilled their requirements for performance and aesthetics.

Warwick Rockbass Bass Guitars

A more accessible line of guitars for the new player or those on a budget, the Rockbass line is crafted from more affordable woods and finishes. Theyre crafted in China, and produce several different models, making the Rockbass line an excellent entry-level guitar for the bass player.

Warwick Bass Guitar Accessories and Parts

Guitar strings often snap, no matter how much care you pay them. Warwick guitar and bass strings are affordable, high quality and designed to function with all of Warwicks instruments. Black label strings are generally strung on Warwicks bass guitars. Theyre hand strung and feature a very precise intonation.