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Waste Bins

Waste bins might not be the first things you think about when designing your kitchen, but they do have an important task to perform. Good wastebaskets are both functional and stylish, delivering useful features and matching your interior decor. The market offers lots of different options to choose from and trash can be either very basic and cheap or a more expensive designer piece. Learn more about the features you should consider to find one that best suits your home.


The most common waste bin materials are stainless steel and plastic. Over time, many plastic bins tend to absorb odours. This does not happen with stainless steel cans, so if you want to keep outside a kitchen cabinet, you might have to consider this. If you use the bin for paper or other waste that does not generate odours, plastic wastebaskets might be fine. Sleek stainless steel looks stylish, but if you have colourful kitchen, you might want to opt for a vibrant plastic bin. If you like traditional look, choose a simple metal bin instead. These, too, are available in various colours.


The size of the waste bin obviously depends on how much space you have for it. If you only have a narrow slot for the bin, choose a slim bin that fits neatly between your kitchen cabinets. If you plan to store the bin inside a cabinet, you might also need a smaller version. Usually, under sink waste containers with a slide rail are also smaller. Standard trash bags typically accommodate 50 litres of waste. Such bags are suitable for slightly smaller waste bins with a bit of fold-over.

Lid Opening

You do need to open the lid to put the waste inside, unless it is a paper basket or an under sink bin that slides out. Many waste bins feature a pedal you have to step on to open the lid. Simpler models require you to lift the top manually. However, if you often need to throw something away while cooking and do not want to touch the lid with dirty hands, you should consider a waste bin with touch free sensor, which only needs you to wave your hand or trash above the can.

Waste Bin Designs

Once you have chosen the material and useful features that you want, you may still have many different design options to pick from. Basically, the appearance of the waste bin should match the rest of your kitchen decor. This, however, only matters if he bin remains visible. You can pick any colour you like and choose between round and rectangular bins. The exact design also depends on the kind of space available for your bin.