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Watch Batteries

Like many other products, watches work on battery power. This means that once you stop ticking, it's time to switch to a fresh battery. Also called coin or button batteries, watch batteries are quite small, and they come in different sizes and materials specific to your watch type and needs. Having extra batteries on hand is always smart so you never go a day without the right time.

Who's Got the Button?

Looking at watch batteries is often confusing; the battery types look to be a jumble of letters and numbers. From SR626-SR626SW watch batteries to SR920 watch batteries and with many kinds in between, it may be difficult to judge which battery to buy. The letters in front of the numbers often represent the chemical makeup, such as CR batteries, in which the C stands for lithium. The number denotes the size of the battery.


Battery brands vary in price and content, but some of the most well-known brands include Sony, Energizer, Maxwell, Renata, and Seiko. The brand you choose is largely a matter of personal preference, but your specific watch manufacturer could recommend one brand over the other, or perhaps you have a Seiko watch, in which case, using a Seiko battery seems like the best fit.

My Chemical Romance

Chemical content of batteries can affect how long battery power lasts. The three main chemical components of watch batteries are lithium, alkaline, and silver oxide. Some batteries are better with high-drain tech, though watches aren't really considered high drain, so chemical components aren't as important. Most watches work fine with alkaline batteries, which are also the least expensive type.

Tool Time

To replace a watch battery, or other watch parts and accessories, you'll need the right tools for the job. Namely, you'll need a watch screwdriver, tweezers, and a pry tool to remove the back case of the watch. A watch battery replacement kit is a good option for this job, and has everything you need in one handy kit.