Find the Right Watch Movement on eBay

If your watch is losing time, you may need a new or used watch movement. Watch movements are designed with different features, and here is some information on how to find the right watch movement on eBay.

What types of watch movements are for sale on eBay?

When you are deciding to buy a new watch movement, you will need to choose the right type. There are three types of movement watch options for sale on eBay. See the manufacturer site for details about the type of watch movement in your model.

  • Mechanical: Mechanical watch movements need to be wound to move the gears and other mechanisms inside the watch.
  • Automatic: The automatic watch movements for sale on eBay gather energy from movements of your wrist. This is also known as a self-winding watch.
  • Quartz: Quartz watch movements have batteries that move the mechanisms inside the watch to track time.
Essential when buying secondhand watch movements

If you are looking for a used watch movement, some essential information to consider before deciding includes:

  • Watch model - Your watch has a model and the year it was manufactured. Watchmakers make subtle changes to the movement over the course of a watch model lifetime. See manufacturer site for details.
  • Condition - Watch movements are built with precision to maintain time. Even minor flaws in a pre-owned watch movement can affect how well the watch keeps time.
  • Budget - eBay offers used watch movements to fit every budget.
  • Materials - Watch movements are made from gold and other precious metals, which are more expensive, as well as more affordable metals such as stainless steel and brass. The materials affect durability and precision.
Should you buy the same brand watch movement?

Watch movements are made by brand manufacturers, such as Seiko, Omega, and Rolex, as well as outside manufacturers, such as MIYOTA, ETA, and Sellita. When choosing between brand and off-brand watch movements, you should consider:

  • Cost - Replacement watch movements that are outsourced from the manufacturer may be more affordable compared to brand watch movements.
  • Compatibility - If you buy a watch mechanism that is produced by an outside source, it may fit your watch, but not operate as well as a brand watch movement.
  • Repair and service - A non-brand wristwatch movement is easier to service compared to brand watch movements.
  • Specialization - Third-party watch movement manufacturers only produce the movement components of the watch. Brand manufacturers design the entire watch, including the movement.