Watch Parts, Tools and Guides

Once upon a time, if your watch stopped working or needed to have a part replaced, you would need to pay a visit to your local jewellery store or watch specialist. These days, it is possible to fix or update your own watch using a watch repair kit. Watches are an important fashion accessory and many people rely on them on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, you can find a range of different watch parts so you can keep your favourite watch looking like new and working perfectly, no matter what the brand is.

Watch Repair Kits

Choosing a watch repair kit can be a little daunting as there are so many available ranging in size and capabilities. On the one hand, you can find a repair kit that has around twenty pieces for more basic repair jobs. On the other hand, you can find larger kits that have around 400 or even 1000 pieces that will pretty much cover any repair job that you need. The watch repair kits include different tools that allow you to open the back case of your watch with ease, replace the battery, adjust the strap length and will cater for different styles and sizes of watches.


You need to have the right tools to make any repairs on your watch. Make sure to search for good quality tools that will assist you in doing the job cleanly and reliably. Some of the more popular tools include pin link adjuster tools, screwdrivers and tweezers.


Before attempting to fix your own watch, you should read the instructions first on how to do so. Finding a guide on your model of watch will help you to understand the mechanics allowing you to fix or replace parts without any issues.

Watch Testing Machine

If watches are your business, you may like to invest in a watch timing calibration machine. These machines test watches to ensure that they are counting seconds at the right rate and are reliable for telling the correct time.