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Save a trip to the jewellers and repair your watch at home

Buy a watch repair kit to save yourself the expense and trip you would have to make to get your watch repaired.

The tools in these repair kits can also be used to repair glasses and other small items around the house. So, with a watch repair kit, you can also maintain other household and lifestyle necessities without breaking out in hives every time something breaks!

You can either buy a complete repair kit or just a few tools that meet your requirements. Some like to buy different tools and make their own toolkit. It’s really up to you.

If you’re a jeweller who is looking to upgrade your old watch repair tools, browse our pages and discover everything you need!

What is generally included in a complete repair kit?

Depending on the manufacturer, the number of items and the pieces in each watch repair kit differs.

More often than not, they’re complete with strap holder blocks, wrenches, watch back-opener knives, polishing cloths, link pin removers, screwdrivers, tweezers, dual head hammers, spring bar removers, and small pins in a black carry case.

If you’re a pro then you’ll know what these are - if you don’t know what these tools are and what they do, don’t worry! Using them are as easy as watching video tutorials and checking out a few how-to guides.

Invest in an eye magnifier to get the little things right

You might also want to invest in an eye magnifier if you’re someone who’s very keen on getting the little things right.

Using an eye magnifier, pay close attention to your work and become renowned for your attention to detail. Be your own fixer-upper and get yourself some watch repair tools on eBay Australia!