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Water Beads

Water beads, sometimes known as jelly balls, are often used by floral designers to hydrate flowers in a decorative way. Available in different colours, water beads can give the appearance of floating designs or glass marbles depending on the lighting. Sold dry and dehydrated before use, they are easy to store and transport. This makes them lightweight and inexpensive options for wedding venue decorations along with other bridal accessories.

Wedding Decor

Both wedding professionals and brides staging their own weddings use water beads in table centrepieces to create different looks. Water beads can be matched to the theme colours for a wedding or reception event. Placed in glass containers, they bring a glamourous look to the decorations.

Different Looks

Since water beads are available in different colours and sizes, they are used to create many different looks. When added to clear vases, colourful beads, such as blue water beads and white beads, look like more expensive marbles or floral gems. Another option is to use clear water beads in a larger size. Suspending pearls or submersible lights among the beads gives the impression of decorations floating in water.

Estimating Amounts

Since water beads arrive dehydrated, brides and wedding professionals need to know how much is required. Depending on type, water beads can grow five times or even more when soaked in water. Many manufacturers list the size of the beads. By measuring how many litres of water the centrepiece vases hold, you can then estimate how many beads to purchase.

After the Event

Once the wedding is over, water beads can be repurposed in many ways. They are often used as a soil substitute or soil amendment in the garden. Inside the home, they may be used in floral arrangements. Children older than 3 years often enjoy playing with them; however, use should be monitored.

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