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Water Bottles

Water Bottles

What many people don’t realise is that a lot of engineering goes into making a good water bottle—well at least the kind that insulates and keeps its contents cold or hot for hours. While a plastic water bottle is fine for most people, these don’t keep the liquids cold for long, and what’s more is that the condensation on the plastic surface can make veritably puddles on anything you place it on. So you may want to consider certain factors to find a quality water bottle for everyday use.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel water bottles work around the fact that steel is a highly temperature conductive material by using some ingenious engineering solutions involving vacuums. This works by putting a layer of vacuum that stands between the contents of the bottle and the outside atmosphere, which are separated with layers of stainless steel. This ensures the contents are never surrounded with air molecules that could condense on the surface and draw the heat or cold away from the water, coffee, or other liquid contained inside. This is the typical principle behind thermoses and other stainless steel bottles. It is an efficient solution to carrying around liquids that you want to remain hot or cold for a long period.

Bicycle Water Bottles

When out on a cycling session, a bicycle water bottle helps keep you hydrated while you tour the track or roadside. Steel bottles are great for cold water, but when doing strenuous activities, its best to stick with room temperature water for easier body heat regulation. This is why most bicycle water bottles are made of a combination of rubber and plastic material for weight and cost-reduction purposes. Some are made of a flexible material that allows you to squeeze it to push water out of the nozzle and into your mouth. This is handy when you need a quick drink as you pedal. Others use a nozzle design that incorporates a reusable straw so you can sip easily on the go.

Tea Bottles

Some canteens, bottles, and flasks feature versatile designs that give you an option to use a tea infuser attachment. These infusers are reusable and can be screwed into the bottom of the bottle, where it then disperses that lovely tea taste you can sip all day. They also come with cosies that wrap snugly around the bottle for a comfortable grip.

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