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Water Coolers

Water coolers are an essential item in any office space, and you can even use them as a convenient water source at home. Water coolers are free standing cooling systems that can fit with water storage containers. The water in these containers filters through an electronic cooling system and can divert into three main taps. Modern water coolers can accommodate anything from 10 L to 20 L water containers.

High Quality Design

Bench top water coolers manufacture in accordance with Australia’s stringent food health and safety standards and use an inner vessel to secure the water container. The water cooler’s body is compact, unobtrusive and elegant. With stainless steel casing and fanned grille vents, your water cooler is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any home or office.

Versatile Water Temperatures

Water coolers use three temperature gauges in the temperature control system to divert water into three separate faucet outlets. You can use this system to quickly access cold water, room temperature water and hot water. The hot and cold outlets are constantly redirecting fresh water from the overhead container, ensuring that your water cooler is always replenishing the supply of hot and cold water. LED lights indicate the start and end of the heating and cooling process. The energy efficient temperature control system saves power by limiting energy usage during low-load periods.

Child Safe

You can easily access water from your water cooler by deactivating the lock on one of the plastic push faucets and pushing the tap down. The push device child-locks the tap and ensure that young children are unable to access heated water. If you have no children in your household, you can remove the child-safe locks from the cold and room temperature faucets.


Water coolers often have aftermarket accessories to improve temperature control and power efficiency. Take advantage of extra storage compartments to stockpile chilled water bottles and ice cubes. You can also install noise dampeners to reduce the steady background hum of your water cooler.

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