Water Filter Cartridges

Water Filter Cartridges

Water filter cartridges are a very important component of many different types of water filtration systems, including in-fridge water filtration systems and single jug filtration systems. Having replacement water filter cartridges on hand and changing them out regularly is a great way to ensure that your water filter always works at peek efficiency and that the water you consume is free from hazardous materials and tastes clean. There are many different types of water filter cartridges and each type works in a slightly different way.

Carbon Water Filter Cartridges

Carbon/charcoal water filters are useful for filtering out toxins and harmful chemicals. The charcoal absorbs many of these toxins and the carbon or charcoal particles form a barrier that larger particles cannot get through. These filter cartridges are common in pitcher or jug style water filters.

Sediment Water Filter Cartridges

Sediment water filter cartridges are very useful for those who have large amounts of sediment in their water. These filters act as sieves to ensure that particles of sediment cannot get through into the water. This type of cartridge is useful for clearing up cloudy water and making water that tastes stale or dusty taste fresher.

Ceramic Water Filter Cartridges

Ceramic water filters are ideal for trapping bacteria as well as sediments. These filter cartridges rely on the small pore size of the ceramic material. Water can pass through these small pores but many types of bacteria, as well as dirt and debris, are too large to fit through.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Cartridges

Reverse Osmosis water filter cartridges feature a series of membranes that are designed remove a wide range of inorganic contaminants from water. They can also remove dissolved impurities such as salt, leaving the water tasting fresh and clean. This type of cartridges is common for in-fridge water filters as well as water filters that attach directly to the sink.