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Got one to sell?

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Forget laptops, chairs, and other important business products – you need the one item that is at the foundation of every huddle for morning office gossip: the ubiquitous water cooler.

When it really comes down to it, water is the essence of life, so when you want your staff to be productive, healthy and happy, providing ready chilled and filtered water is the way to go. Refreshing, fast-flowing and the perfect opportunity for your staff to get out of their chairs, it can greatly improve your office culture.

Why is a water chiller an essential piece of office equipment?

Drinking water and brain function are fundamentally linked. When you don’t consume enough water, you can suffer from headaches, memory loss, brain fatigue, and you can have trouble focusing. Not to mention, you may have sleep issues, which all affect your level of input at work.

Having a water chiller in your office will also encourage your staff members to keep up their daily hydration levels and endorse a healthy workplace environment.

Types of water chillers

There are a range of water chillers on the market to suit your office space, number of people in your business, and your budget. Some benchtop water coolers, for example, have a capacity for up to 8.5L. Featuring a carbon and resin filtration system and a removable cup with spill guard, you only need to replace the filter after 150 litres, making it one of the most efficient and easiest office products to manage.

A more sophisticated model is a tower water chiller. With up to 600 litres of cartridge life and a tank capacity of 9L, this provides great tasting chilled water as well as room temperature filtered water.

Whatever type of chilled water system you need, you are sure to find one online on eBay that will suit your business . Shop today for brand new and second hand water chillers by price range or style to complete your office equipment set up.

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