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Water Filters

The importance of clean drinking water cannot be emphasised enough, and while in a country like Australia, where the people are generally blessed with a sanitary supply, one still cannot be too safe when it comes to these things. Water filters help to provide clean drinking water, but also just clean water in general, such as for the shower.

Drinking Water Filters

Drinking water filters attached to your sink or faucet to provide cleaner, healthier drinking water with contaminants removed. Among the common types of drinking water filters are ceramic, activated carbon, ultraviolet or UV, distillers, and reverse osmosis. Ceramic and activated carbon filters usually need their water filter cartridges replaced more often, and cannot be relied on to thoroughly disinfect water, but are more cost-effective. UV and reverse osmosis filter as well as water distillers on the other hand, are more complex systems which remove most pathogens and chemicals from the water, but the trade-off often comes in price.

Shower Filters

Some people may think that getting a filter just for your shower as being a little overboard, but the chlorinated water that comes out of the shower does not have a great effect on skin and hair health, and there also tends to be a lot of bacteria buildup in one's shower head, which one might inhale when showering. These negative effects are easy to avoid if you use a shower filter. Popular shower filter options include carbon filters, KDF filters, vitamin C filters, as well as two-stage filters.

Whole House Filtration System

If the issue is that the water supply is not clean enough in general at one's house, regardless of the outlet, or there is an intention to soften the water in the general supply, then a whole house filter system may be the most appropriate choice. These attach to the main water line into the house, and filter out all water that a household uses. The quality of filtration will vary from model to model, ranging from mainly filtering out large sediments to thoroughly filtering all physical sediments and chemicals as well as disinfecting the water.