Water Gun Toys

There are few better ways to cool down on a hot summer day than with water gun toys. Any collection of outdoor toys for a summer’s day is incomplete without a few water guns. If you or someone you know is looking to purchase water gun toys, then make sure you find the right ones by considering the age level of the toy, potential themes for the water gun and other outdoor toys.

Why Buy Water Gun Toys

Water guns are fun, safe and easy to use. Not only is it fun to battle it out with your friends and family, but water guns can spawn dozens of ideas for new games to play by the pool or in the park. Water guns also come in such a variety of styles that you may find fun, small ones for those under five years old, or larger water guns for teenagers and above. Water gun toys are fun for the whole family and then some, providing safe and reliable enjoyment year round.

Water Gun Toys by Age Level

A primary thing to focus on when considering a water gun toy is the age level of the toy. Water guns come in a variety of age ranges, from 5-7 year-olds to 16 years old and above. With water guns in the lower age range, you can expect smaller water guns that release water at a lower pressure. These are sure to be fun and safe for kids. With water guns for teenagers, expect larger guns that shoot water at a higher speed and pressure. Often bigger water guns come with additional features like the ability to customise the water toy, though this means the guns are a greater investment.

Water Gun Toys by Theme

You can find water gun toys that represent many different themes and styles. For example, Star Wars water guns provide water gun toys that look like they came from a galaxy far, far away. You are sure to find other popular themes as well, such as other movies or television series. If you have a specific theme in mind, you may be able to find it represented on a water gun toy.

Other Outdoor Toys

There are many other ways to enjoy the outdoors with toys. Water slides are a classic and popular option for family fun by the pool or in a park. In addition to staying cool, be sure to check out bouncy castles, sandpits and regular slides for more outdoor fun. You are certain to find the perfect combination of toys for yourself or a loved one to have fun with while enjoying the outdoors.