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Water Jetter Pressure Cleaners

A water jetter is a high pressure machine that cleans drains and surfaces with the use of water, and they come in various sizes to suit both domestic and commercial settings. A water jetter (or sewer jetter or hydro jetter) gets into tight spaces in drains to clear them out and remove obstructions or simply to provide regular cleaning and maintenance. These pressure washers work in smaller spaces like residential drains all the way up to larger municipal sewer systems.

What Features Does A Water Jetter Have?

A sewer jetter comes in different sizes to suit their use, whether it's domestic or commercial use, so each comes with special features. Here are some features you can expect to find on a standard water jetter:

  • Attachments: Various nozzles, attachments, and power washer parts are available for the water jetter to help you tackle a range of jobs.
  • Water capacity: These washers come in different sizes based on water capacity, ranging up to over 5,000 litres.
  • Portability: A water jetter can mount on various devices depending on its size, including a cart or truck.
  • Warranty: When new, some power washer parts on water jetters come with a warranty of up to seven years or more.

The Benefits of Using A Water Jetter

The way that a water jetter works is quite simple, spraying a high pressure jet of water from the machine to effectively clean our drains and sewer systems. They offer benefits to the user that others can't:

  • Safety: A water jetter can get deep into drains and pipes without the operator putting themselves in harm's way to get the job done.
  • Simplicity: Setting up and using this style of pressure cleaner is simple and they use water already attached to the system.
  • Power: The pressure of a water jetter is just as powerful as other high pressure washers.
  • Convenience: Transporting a water jetter is as easy as mounting it on a truck or a cart for smaller models.
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