Water Slides

When the freshness of spring makes way for the energetic and blazing rays of summer, it’s time to hit the water slides. Their pump system transports water to constantly flow so users can freely slide down. Those found in water parks may require the rider to sit on a raft or tube, depending on its design and length. Since water reduces friction, you can easily reach exhilarating speeds with little effort. Check out commercially available water slides so you can have fun with your kids as well as other adults.

Inflatable Water Slides

Invite your neighbours and friends to a killer summer party featuring your very own inflatable water slide. The coolest designs blow up into a full playground complete with an outdoor jumping castle section where kids can play with toy balls and the climb up on an inflated slide and then into a shallow plunge pool. To keep the slide from drying out, these inflatable slides have ports for a water hose to feed both the slide and the plunge pool.

Slip and Slide

If you need a longer, faster ride, consider an inflatable slip and slide water racer. These long, inflatable devices often feature an elevated starting point. A hose must feed water constantly along the length of the slide to keep the rider going. You can also use inflatable rafts to keep friction to a minimum and increase safety.

Custom Waterslides

Got your own pool? Then, you could get a custom water slide made just for it. The appropriate length depends on the size of your pool, but you can always increase the spiral length for a more enjoyable ride. With a custom waterslide, you’ll have a veritable water park right in your backyard.