Water Storage & Rain Barrels

Looking for a new or pre-owned water tank to help you conserve rainwater at home and use this highly valuable resource when washing clothes, washing the car, watering gardens, flushing toilets and a number of other applications? Perhaps a slimline water tank is the device your household needs. As the name suggests, slimline style water tanks are designed with a thin rectangular shape in contrast to the shapes of traditional water storage and rain barrels. These units not only look modern, they can be installed efficiently against exterior walls.

Types of slimline water tanks

While all slimline water tanks share a similar slim-build appearance, they come in various styles and sizes depending on the manufacturer. You have a choice between 2-column, 3-column and 4-column units, with some standing tall and other squat or lowline slimline tanks standing closer to ground level. A typical 2-column slimline tank might have a 1500 litre capacity with dimensions of 660mm width, 1470mm length and 2100mm height. A standard 4-column 2000 litre tank might have dimensions of 750mm width, 2900mm length and 1200mm height. At the larger end of the scale, a 4-column 3000 litre tank might have dimensions of 700mm width, 3100mm length and 2100mm height. You can even find extra capacity 3200mm models with 3 large columns. A tank like this would generally be around 810mm wide, 2650mm long and 2050mm high.

Materials, features and colours

The majority of quality slimline water tanks are manufactured from UV-resistant food grade polyethylene. Water tanks are supplied with accessories such as 4 brass outlets, an inlet strainer with quality stainless steel mesh, and a mesh overflow strainer. You can buy slimline water tanks in a huge range of popular and custom colours to complement your homes exterior wall paint or the natural tones of the surrounding area. Some of the interesting colours available include paperbark, bushland, deep ocean, pale eucalypt, surf mist and many more.

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