The only piece of gym equipment for your home that doesn't look like an eyesore, WaterRower gives you an all-over workout and a well-designed feature piece for your home! 

We all purchase gym equipment for the home with the best intentions, but an exercise bike doesn't exactly look good, and that is all the excuse we need to ship it off to the garage! With WaterRower, you get a beautifully designed piece of exercise equipment that actually looks like something you would want to have on display! WaterRower is the perfect blend of luxury, design, convenience and fitness for your home. 

Every Waterpower Excercise Machine is hand finished with Danish oil and various types of wood chosen for its ability to absorb sound and vibration, improving the WaterRower's quietness and smoothness of use. This is the least intrusive home exercise machine available, from all aspects including looks, sound level and even storage. 

Rowing is a great all-over exercise that improves strength and fitness, so a piece of WaterRower Cardio Equipment in your home gives you everything you need. WaterRowers can even be stored in an upright position that is no wider than a dining room chair, easily lay it out for a quick indoor rowing exercise session then pack it back away! 

WaterRowers are ergonomic, with adjustable footrests, soft seats and handles and wheels for easy transporting.The woods are all easily replenished for easy upkeep and the waterfall wheel makes this the quietest rowing machine available. You won't find a more attractive, well-designed piece of home exercise equipment. Get fit with a WaterRower today!