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Waterford Crystal Glass

Waterford Crystal Glass

First established in the late 1700s, Waterford crystal glass has long been a hallmark of quality crystal. Waterford Glassware has been sought after as the perfect wedding gift, with a wide array of styles and choices, from barware to clocks. Choose from a number of different types of beautiful, finely-cut glassware to adorn your home or to give as a gift. Handcrafted for centuries in the hills of historic Ireland, you have your choice of both vintage and modern Waterford crystal.


Bring a magical touch to your home bar with a bar set from Waterford. Choose from decanters, tumblers, goblets and other choices to take in-home fine dining to a new level. Waterford crystal goblets are also a top choice when it comes to wine and champagne drinking. Choose them as your household wine glass set to add allure to your bar collection.


To enliven your mantle, choose from an array of different contemporary or classic mantle clocks surrounded by fine branded crystal glass. Each genuine piece will come complete with the Waterford Ireland seahorse imprinted on the lock. These also make wonderful housewarming or graduation gifts.

For the Home

In addition to barware and clocks, Waterford has crystal offerings of several types to adorn your home. Choose from beautifully etched and crafted vases, or look for Waterford serveware, such as crystal punch and serving bowls. Beyond just standard, yet beautiful clear crystal, Waterford also offers many home selections in their signature black crystal design as well.

As Gifts

Waterford has long been a popular wedding or anniversary gift. In addition to vases and serveware, there are other crystal ideas that are wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Consider centrepieces, picture frames, and black crystal gifts to completely thrill the bride and groom. Waterford also offers picturesque statuettes that are perfect adornments for a table or mantle.