Watering Cans & Spray Bottles

Watering Cans

For anyone looking to water their indoor plants or smaller planters on their deck or porch, a good watering can makes this task a breeze. There are several different types of watering cans to choose from and knowing which one works for your type and size of plants is key. The most common watering can is a basic plastic watering can. Plastic watering cans come in all colours and a few different sizes. You can even find fun watering cans in the playful shapes of elephants or other cute little animals. These are a great choice because they are very cheap so you can have a few lying around the house and they have a small nozzle, which is good for watering smaller or hard to reach plants. galvanised metal watering cans are just as good and have a nice, clean industrial look to them. There are other options such as glass or stainless steel, but as long as the can is able to water your plants without making a mess, it is a good, functional watering can.

Misters and Sprayers

Some watering cans work as misters or sprayers. Misters provide a fine mist over a plant. These are good for delicate or smaller plants that don’t need as much water on a daily basis. Sprayers provide more water than a mister but less than a traditional watering can. These spray water onto a plant. Both misters and sprayers come in a variety of styles, however because of their delicate job, there are many styles that are available as beautiful glass or stylised bottles.

Feature Attachments

Some cans have additional attachments that can work on various sized plants including sprayers' attachments that can screw on to the top of the watering can. Other attachment options include a shower nozzle that is good for sprinkling water on larger plants. The watering cans that have these attachments are a great investment as they have multi-function capabilities and are still relatively inexpensive. Many of these cans come in plastic or metal and are offered in a variety of colours.