Spray Further with Garden Hose Guns

To save on water while ensuring that distant plants flourish, use garden hose guns. Ergonomically-designed options from eBay allow you to choose from settings that mist or shower your plants, so your yard always looks great.

Will a garden hose sprayer put pressure on your hand?

No. Most options on eBay are designed so that the garden hose nozzle can be adjusted effortlessly. You can choose a garden hose spray gun with a slip-resistant grip, and benefit from a head and trigger made of tough TPR rubber. These are supported by a rugged metal construction, and can be quickly connected and disconnected.

Several have an automatic trigger that doesn't have to be squeezed constantly and reduces pressure on your hand. If you have a weak grip or arthritis, choose fireman nozzles from eBay, which use a large lever to control water flow and the on/off function.

Benefit from filters

A multi-spray hose gun may come with a filter, that keeps dirt from the mechanism. This filter can often be easily detached to remove debris. Vendors on eBay have durable nozzles made of brass, aluminium, or zinc that have this feature, and while these are heavier than plastic nozzles, they last longer.

How many spray patterns are available?

You can choose from up to eight spray patterns with many spray nozzles. A garden hose spray gun can be adjusted to deliver high pressure that is ideal for washing gutters or cars. Switch to the mist pattern for vegetables, or use the soap dispenser on some units to produce foam, which can be used to wash your dog or your driveway. Patterns include:

  • Jet.
  • Shower.
  • Cone.
Choose from pistol-grip or dial nozzles

A wide range of pistol-grip nozzles are available on eBay, and these have a trigger than adjusts the flow when you press them. These usually combine a plastic handle with a metal nozzle, so they remain warm in your hand.

Dial nozzles have a dial on the front, which allows you to quickly change the spray pattern. If you need six or more spray patterns, look for this type. Dial nozzles are ideal for people who use garden hose guns for a wide range of purposes, and vendors on eBay have this type in aluminium, zinc, and plastic. Apart from these types, you can select a garden spray nozzle that comes with shutoff valves, allowing you to turn off the water at the nozzle. These save time and water since you don't have to turn off the water at the hose.