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iPhone 5 Waterproof Cases, Covers and Skins

There are myriad iPhone 5 cases, covers and skins available for your devices, including shockproof and waterproof options, to protect it from the elements whilst also ensuring it stays in perfectly preserved condition. They are able to be used on a number of iPhone generations. iPhone 5s waterproof cases, covers and skins will also fit the iPhone 5 and SE versions.

iPhone 5 Cases, Covers and Skins Materials

Materials used in the construction of iPhone 5 cases include high-performing aluminium, silicone rubber and plastic to keep out water, dust and dirt. Polycarbonate shells or aluminium act as a great exterior to protect the phone from scratches and knocks, whilst layers of softer materials on the interior, such as memory foam, act to absorb shocks and cushion your device.

iPhone 5 Waterproof Cases

In order to protect your device from the elements, cases may be water-resistant or even entirely waterproof, meaning you can use it in the rain and take it to the beach without fear of sand, dust and water getting into the tiny ports. The water-resistant feature makes the cases very appealing to outdoor sports enthusiasts and those who live an active lifestyle.

iPhone 5 Protective Cases

Dropping your iPhone is always a worry—just one seemingly insignificant drop can shatter the screen entirely—and replacing it isn't always easy. Shockproof and waterproof cases have in-built screen protectors made from anti-fouling and anti-glare glass, which ensures you still have all the benefits of the high-resolution screen. It's next to impossible to scratch or shatter the screen of your phone when it's encased securely in a sturdy shockproof casing.

iPhone 5 Waterproof Case Designs

Despite their hardy performance, waterproof and shockproof cases are surprisingly sleek and low-profile in design with elegantly angled edges and smooth-to-the-touch silicone casing. The entire cases are generally held together with tiny screws, and only add a few millimetres to the bulk of your phone. Designed with maximum user ability in mind, the cases allow full access to the touch screen, home button, headphone port and volume control buttons.

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