Weather Stripping for Doors


Control your temperature with door weatherstripping

Nobody wants their lovely warm air escaping on cold nights, but that’s exactly what happens if you have drafts around your doors and windows. One way to test this is to hold a candle or lighter up to your door frames. If it flickers, you likely have a draft. Fortunately, eBay has a huge range of door weatherstrips and products to help keep your home at the right temperature all year round.

Different types of door weatherstrips

There are plenty of different weatherstripping types available. It’s important to choose the type that works best around your doors, because every home is different. For example, your doors may have no space at the bottom for a door brush, however you may be able to install a rubber door bottom more easily. Here are some of the common types of door weatherstrips available:

Always check your doors carefully before buying weatherstrips. That way, you’ll know what will work best in your home.

Reduce energy costs all year round

There are a few different reasons to use door weatherstrips, with the most popular being the energy savings you can achieve. No matter what time of year it is, we usually use some sort of temperature control mechanism in our homes. In summer, we use air-conditioners. In winter, it’s a heater. In both cases, these devices use a considerable amount of electricity – often the second-highest contributor to energy bills behind hot water. Weatherstripping helps to keep those costs down.

Heat always tries to move toward cold areas. So, when it’s hot outside and you want to keep your house cool, the hot air tries to get inside your cool house. In winter, the hot air you pump into your living areas tries to escape outside where it’s cold. Drafts around doors make this process easier, and when it occurs, your heaters and air-conditioners have to work harder to control the temperature, thus costing more money.

Door weatherstrips alleviate some of this problem by creating a better seal around doors and allowing air to move less freely.