Wedding Balloons

Often overlooked when it comes to wedding supplies, wedding balloons are a fun and festive way to decorate for your special day. Confetti-filled balloons are an elegant way to add ambiance to a table walkway, or dance floor. To make a special display, consider using a flower-shaped balloon clip. Add four or five petals and one centre piece and you have a helium-filled work of art.

Elegant Round Styles

Although normally associated with a party, do not dismiss round wedding balloons as a party decoration only. Colour coordinate with the main colour theme for the day, and the balloon bouquet will seamlessly blend with other decorations.

Love is in the Air

With balloons that spell out words, love can literally be floating in the air at your wedding reception. Think outside the box when it comes to your big day; choose letters and spell out the new shared last name behind the bride and groom table.

Include the Date

A fun way to ensure everyone remembers the date of your wedding is to add number wedding balloons in an area where guest can take their picture. When your friends have a picture of them with your wedding date in the background, they will never forget to wish you a happy anniversary.

Dress it Up

Instead of using plain, boring balloons in your decor, dress up the air filled items with tulle wrapped around the entire thing. Use a ribbon to tie a bow at the bottom and add an accent such as a flower to give it a little charm. Whats more, you can also put sequins, confetti, small balloons, battery lights or feathers in transparent balloons before blowing it up. Glow lights or battery lights are perfect for outdoor receptions; a little extra light lets your guest continue dancing long after the sun has set.