Wedding Cake Servers and Knives 

Preparing for the most important day of your life also means planning down to every last detail. Choose from many different types of wedding cake servers and knives for your special day. 

Wedding Cake Server Options 

A cake server is a kitchen utensil that looks somewhat like a spatula. It’s meant to serve cake on plates to guests at a function. Most servers made specifically for wedding cake are made of silver or sleek stainless steel, and may be personalised or engraved. You can keep the server as a memento, or continue to use it for other events, along with other cake accessories.  

Knives for Cutting the Cake 

Cutting the cake is a big part of the wedding reception, and a personalised or engraved knife for the event is quite an important part of your wedding supplies. Look for crystal-handled or stainless-steel models for your big day. 

Sets and Features 

Many times, you may find a dedicated cake knife and server or wedding cake knife set. Having a matching set is a wonderful idea for the reception, as you can use the set for years to come for birthdays and other events. Look for stainless-steel or crystal sets, or look for wooden-handled tools as another option.