Wedding Cake Stands and Plates

The wedding cake is a fine tradition for celebrating the sweet beginning of a new life together. Other wedding supplies, such as flowers and decorations, might seem more important, but the wrong stand may ruin the great impression of the cake entirely. Select the correct size, suitable colour, and weight limit to ensure the perfect stand for your cake. Alternatively, if you have a flatter cake, purchase an adorable cake plate.

Cake Stand Size

As a rule, the cake stand should be the same size as the bottom tier of the cake, or slightly bigger, so it can accommodate the cake securely. Bakers usually create the cakes on cake boards, and the stand size should correspond to this. For a simple cake, the same size is sufficient, as it allows for a seamless transition. Generously embellished cakes do better on larger stands that provide small ledges.


The cake stand can be another place for showing off your wedding colours. However, you could also accentuate some of the features and colours of the cake, or add a streak of colour to otherwise monotonous baked goods. A classic white stand complies with any design, while black or silver add depth and drama to the cake presentation. Mint and pink colour options are also bold choices that help the cake make a lasting impression.

Weight Limit

Large cakes can be rather heavy, and the stand must be able to support its full weight. When you order the cake, you will probably discuss the weight with the baker and can choose the stand accordingly. Many manufacturers provide useful weight charts, so use them.


Three-tier wedding cake stands are the most common designs. Most wedding cakes have wide bottoms and are narrower on the top. Modern cakes could also be in the form of cupcakes, and in this case, you can choose an elegant wedding cupcake stand.