Wedding Cake Stands

The purpose of a cake stand is to make your cake look gorgeous. The display of a wedding cake is a focal point at a reception and the ritual of the newly married couple cutting the cake is a key component and a highlight of the order of ceremonies, and photographs to mark your wedding day. Guests will admire your cake display; chances are all of your guests will pass by at some point during the reception to appreciate the detail and presentation. A beautiful cake stand to show a wedding cake off at its best will add to the lasting memories of the day. It may also be an item you keep for many years to come, use on other occasions and pass on to new generations.

Wedding Cake Stand Shapes and Sizes

You will want a cake stand that complements your wedding cake in terms of the size, shape and design. Usually, the cake stand needs to be a fraction bigger than the base of the cake, but add an inch more if you have extra decorations such as flower petals to scatter around the bottom of your cake. The shape of the cake should match the shape of your cake, so round for a round cake, and square for a square cake. If your cake is multi-tier or multi-layer, make sure your stand is made of materials strong enough to hold the weight such as crystal, silver, ceramics or glass cake stand.

Styles of Wedding Cake Stands

The style of the cake stand you choose is what adds the finishing touch. If you will be displaying your cake on a dessert table with other desserts, look for a cake stand style that matches or complements the other serving ware and platters. Cake stands on pedestals add height and visual impact. They draw attention to the artisanship and beauty of your cake. Tiered wedding cake stands are lovely for a display of mini cakes or cupcakes. For the design of your cake stand, bear in mind the overall theme of your wedding outfits and venue decorations, i.e. traditional, modern, elegant, quirky, or something uniquely you.