Wedding Card Boxes

It's your big day, and you're likely busy handling a million other details and trying to enjoy your guests. You do not want to be distracted by dealing with gifts and other things as well. Wedding card boxes are a way to keep your guests' cards in one place so you don't miss out on any well wishes for a happy marriage.

Wedding Card Box Styles

Whether you are having a large, formal affair or a casual party on the beach, having a wedding card box ensures you only have to keep track of one box, instead of many small envelopes. Finding one that suits your theme and wedding colours should be fairly easy. After all, many different options, from bird cages to rustic-look boxes, are available. You could also opt for simple acrylic boxes if you want to show off the envelopes.

Multipurpose Wedding Card Boxes

Oftentimes, wedding card boxes are crafted to be keepsakes. You can also find ones that can fulfil another purpose. Of course, a bird cage can hold plants or even birds. You might also like a suitcase or trunk-like box so that you can store special treasures in the years after the wedding.

Wishing Wells for Wedding Well Wishes

Wishing wells have been gaining in popularity at weddings. You can see them often at weddings where the couple does not need much in the way of traditional "getting started" gifts. If you would like to have a wishing well box at your wedding, you may want to notify your guests that this will be available. Much like wedding card boxes, you can get a blank one to tailor to your wedding theme, or you can find a custom one. There are even premade versions shaped like little wells.

Decorations for Your Wedding Card Box

If you don't find the perfect wedding card box or wishing well for your big day, you can always choose to buy a blank one for DIY fun. Choose from loads of decorations and supplies. For example, you could use a few extra wedding supplies and paint your names on the box.