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Wedding Favour Bubbles

Dreaming of and planning for your wedding day can be a huge deal. Some people spend years before they marry, trying to decide how to make their celebration as perfect as possible. There are so many considerations: The garments, the venue, the catering and the guest list. Some weddings turn out to be as much stress as they are joy, but there’s no reason yours has to be one of those. There are little ways to take some of the work out, and one of those is to choose the right wedding favours. Where better to start than with bubbles?


Almost by default, the solution for blowing bubbles is non-toxic and, therefore, safe to be around children, seniors and pets. It’s also very easy to find bubble solution that is environmentally friendly and won’t harm the ground or plants it lands on. It’s always smart to test it on a small, unobtrusive area of fabric to be certain it won’t stain, but bubbles are generally easier to clean up after than other wedding favours, like rice. Plus, you’ve probably heard that rice isn’t good for birds who eat it after it’s thrown; that’s not necessarily true, but if this is an area of concern for you, bubbles make it easy to be safe rather than sorry.


Who hasn’t blown bubbles, as a kid? Chances are you’ve done it, and lots of people enjoy this innocent fun. There’s no reason it can’t still be a magical experience for adults, as well, particularly on the day of a wedding celebration. Rice, confetti and similar contents of wedding favour bags go all over the place when thrown and can be a real hassle to clean up afterwards. With bubbles, that’s significantly less of a concern, so you can blow as many as you want without worrying what comes next!


A wedding ceremony should be something memorable, and people usually put a lot of hard work into making theirs as special as it can be. You’ll probably spend more than enough time picking out an outfit and decorating a venue; bubbles are beautiful with no extra effort required. The way they drift and float, sparkling and shimmering with rainbow colours, is a simple magic all its own. Bubbles go with every style and hue.


A major concern for wedding planners is the expense. Individual elements may not cost much, at first, but everything adds up. Save money on supplies, labor and time by filling your wedding favour bags or boxes with bottles of bubbles instead of rice or paper confetti, which can get pricey by volume and require cleaning up after.

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